He was born in Istanbul in 1977. As last he has a master’s degree in business administration. His initial dominant skill since childhood has been drawing. He started with black and white drawings. Subsequently he moved on to oil painting of landscapes. At that time he was introduced to the concept of harmony with colors, perspective, composition and light. When he started secondary education, the biggest interest was rock music.


He learned to play the guitar on his own as a result of his profound interest in this music. In time he learned to use his voice well together with his guitar. He took the stage in various organizations involving music. He did his military service as a musician and his interest and devotion to music continues.


Due to his great interest in travelling, history and nature he decides to buy a camera. As a result of his knowledge in terms of perspective, composition, light from the art of painting and his desire to learn he made a start in the art of photography in a short time. In addition to photography he continues to diligently share photographs of his travels on his wage. Although he mainly shoots landscapes, architecture and documentaries his intention is to photograph all special moments in life.


His main target for the future is to take quality photographs and establish a comprehensive photograph album with his work, customize his style and pass it on to the future. At the same time he has worked in the finance and automotive sector for a long time. Currently he continues to work as an executive in the automotive sector.